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Apt product for my needs

Trust Netgear (always) for my wifi needs.
They’ve served us well for more than a decade.
Being American, they’re quiet reliable

It’s worth it

Definitely recommended


Highly Satisfied

My WiFi strength has gone many folds than earlier model & that was R 6080 in my house. Now we are very satisfied with respect to signal strength in my 1200 sq-ft house . Now streaming is getting much stronger signal strength. Thanks to my always preferred Netgear. Finally, installation very easily done by us.

Excellent network coverage throughtout the house. Thoroughly satisfied.

Earlier I had RBS50 1+1 which I have been using for more than 5 years and this one is much better mesh experience. Except for the futureproofing limitation (4.2 gbps, (i currently use 1 gbps) which might still be ok till End of Life of this device), this product is a great fit

Wi-Fi extender

Working well.

Excellent Product with Blazing performance

Setting it up was a breeze

Orbi RBK50 Tri Band Mesh WiFi System - AC3000 (1 Router + 1 Satellite)
Pradeep antapnal
Excellent product.

Excellent product. Very satisfied with performance.

Good and smart product

Very nice product

Has Excellent Range

The router + 1 satellite I bought recently have been able to cover around 3000 Sq.ft well.The satellite is placed about 25ft. away from the router separated by two walls , each twelve+ inches thick (with windows) and the 2.4GHz backhaul link is able to decently spread out the 75 mbps internet connection from my ISP.If you have a Gigabit internet connection,please look for a costlier model.The only con is that router is mildly limited in it's feature set. Otherwise would highly recommend overall.

Efficient and smooth delivery however customer care interface was difficult but product is good and installed easily and works well.

Best Wifi Extender & Signal Booster

Writing my review after 20 days of usage of NetGear EX6120 Wifi Extender. I've had used NetGear Wifi Extender in past for around 5-6 years until the old one got damaged due to an electricity fault. Ordered for this one and was not amazed by it's performance. It's been working flawlessly and plus point I got ethernet port that I can connect my laptop even to other rooms where Wifi signal was hard to find. Thanks to NetGear Wifi Extender that provided me coverage with AC dual band [ to every corner of my house], though sometimes there is little drop in speed. Overall Very much satisfied by it's performance, signal coverage. Setting up is so easy, once the setup is done you are all set to get Wifi coverage everywhere. My 5 Star to NetGear Wifi Extender.

Orbi Pro SXK80 AX6000 Tri-Band 2-Pack WiFi 6 Mesh System
Netgear Orbi AX6000

I just ordered the product after two weeks long discussion with Malik. He described the product specifications very well and cleared my doubts.
Product is received within 2 days of placing order.
Will share the performance review later.

Great product and delightful purchase experience

Had a pleasant experience in purchasing this product. Malik from customer support answered to all my queries proactively and also ensured that the product is delivered super fast. The product itself is very good .Installation was super quick and easy . Now there are no more dead wifi spots in my house.

EX6120 WiFi Extender - AC1200

Great mesh system

I wanted a mesh system to increase range while maintaining good speeds and this system doesn't disappoint. It's really good and ready for current gen. It's way cheaper then it's bigger brother the ax6000 which I was looking at but found that too costly. The response and shipping was also fantastic from netgear team.

EX6120 WiFi Extender - AC1200
Radhey Shyam Sharma

EX6120 WiFi Extender - AC1200

Excellent performance of AC1200 wifi range extender

I bought this Netgear AC1200 wifi extender 4 weeks back to boost the wifi strength in my study which is about 20 to 25 ft from the main router. The performance of the device has been excellent. Helped boost both my 5g and 2g wifi service. The best thing is the device is compact, aesthetically designed and very easy to install and configure. Overall happy with the performance.

Ajit Singh Kumar

Very effective and satisfactory device . Happy to use it

Good & smart device.

NETGEAR 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS310TP)
Manjeet Singh



This solved my network issues perfectly.

EX6110 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender - AC1200