Netgear #WiFiUpgrade Exchange program (Currently unavailable)

(Kindly note that this article is from a campaign launched in November 2020, and thus is not active.)

The year 2020 has brought with it many challenges and trials. Together, we have braved through them and though distanced, we have stayed #connected.

With new lifestyles of people working and e-learning from home, staying connected through video-calls and teleconferencing, more WiFi connected devices at home throughout the day have taken a toll on patience and resources.

Why not take this opportunity to upgrade your Home WiFi to a more resilient and capable system? NETGEAR brings you a very special offer:

With Netgear's #WiFiUpgrade Exchange Program, you get a new Netgear router in exchange for your old one! 
#RouterExchange #ExchangeProgram

Trade in your older routers, and get rebates on your WiFi system and router upgrades!

Shop Orbi Mesh Systems for Stronger, Faster, Reliable WiFi blankets EVERYWHERE in your home. Enjoy faster WiFi in the furthest corners of your home, as if you were sitting right next to your router!

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Shop Orbi Mesh WiFi-6 Systems for EVEN FASTER WiFi speeds! Unlock the full potential of your new iPhone, Android, or other WiFI-6 able devices!

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Nighthawk WiFi-6 routers are also great for WiFi-6 as well as older WiFi-5 devices, boasting 4x Speed and 4x increased capacity compared to the previous WiFi-5 generation of routers.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or our livechat here on!


NOTE: Offer valid only on Netgear routers worth   10,000 or more.

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Exchange Tp-link Archer AX10 or Ax1500

Krishna Poddar

Interested in your exchange program. How will it work, please help.

Krishna Poddar

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